Sabine Neches Baptist Area


What Will It Look Like?

Specific Characteristics of the Path Forward

We don't want to throw the proverbial "baby out with the bathwater".  We recognize that our meetings have led to many of the things that have made our Associations and Area great.  Fellowship is always listed among the favorite things of SNBA life.  We definitely don't want to lose that!  

Other areas that we want to hold on to are:

Maintaining Representation for the Historic Association Zones

The Area Committee is made up of seven people from each association.  In the Path Forward Plan, that same representation will still come from these historic zones to continue discussion in context of each corner of the SNBA.  

Commitment to Involve Support Staff & Laity

Another desire of the Path Forward Plan will be to have the Area Committee and other appointed teams represented by approximately 33% lay church members and/or church support ministers or staff (not just Senior Pastors).  This perspective will be instrumental in a desire to meet church needs, not just for now - but for the future.  We have some tremendously gifted lay leaders in the SNBA, and we desire to hear and learn from them in what the Area should be about and how to go about those goals.

While the Executive Board Meetings of each association will cease, each church will still be asked to elect board members (Sr. Pastor + 2 At-Large (Lay or Staff)). This will give the Area Nominating Team a pool of potential Area Committee members to nominate for service, these nominees will be elected by the messengers at the SNBA Annual Meeting.  All church nominated board members will also be invited to a mid-year update meeting in April.  Annual Meeting messengers in October will remain a ratio based on the number of members of each church.

Sample Annual Calendar

 Sample Calendar