Sabine Neches Baptist Area

SNBA Merger Forms and Polls

SNBA Area Committee

The Area Committee of the SNBA voted unanimously on October 6, 2020 to begin evaluating the need and developing a plan to merge the three associations into one functioning association.  This plan would include feedback from Area churches and their representatives (Pastors, Executive Board Members and Messengers).  The three associations (Emmanuel, New Bethel and Sabine Valley) have partnered together since 1964.  But have reported and voted separately in the three associations.  In 2019, the three associations voted on and passed a motion to begin meeting together for an annual meeting (to begin in October 2021).   

The Area Committee is made up of 7 elected people from each association and meets 6 times yearly.  

This site will continue to be a reference point of updates and polls requested by the Area Committee or to gain opinions and input about this process.  Actual changes or modifications to the SNBA and its associations and/or their Constitution and Bylaws, will be voted on in a meeting in agreement with the specific bylaws as required.  The Area Committee is looking to propose any changes during the year of 2021.

The First Focus

One of the most visible and obvious concerns would be what to do with potentially 18 executive board meetings (between the 3 associations spread throughout the year).  The Committee then asked the staff to develop a poll to receive responses from the pastors and SNBA church members on how they feel about a merger and in particular the need for executive board meetings.  

If you are a member of an SNBA church, feel free to fill out the anonymous >>>>>survey here. <<<<<<

This handout was given at the Area Committee meeting on October 6, 2020.